boyfriend trouble

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April 27, 2008 3:09pm CST
i am not really good at talking about my feelings to anyone i have been hurt alot in the past and dont really trust anyone but i have started dating this guy and we moved in together at my house and everything seemed to be going great till we got internet at the house and now instead of sleeping with me at night he is up all night online and comes to bed just before i have to get up in the morning. then sleeps all day he is disabled so does not have to work so there is not an issue there. he tells me he loves me and everything but as soon as i get home from work we eat and then he goes and gets on the computer. it makes me feel like he does not want to spend time with me or that there is someone else that he is talking to online. if i try and go i the room when he is online he clicks off whatever he's doing really quick. maybe i am just paranoid and overthinking the whole thing but he keeps asking me whats wrong and i tell him nothing which he knows is wrong but i dont know how to tell him..... any suggestions? help please
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@Amberina (1541)
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27 Apr 08
He can't read your mind you need to open up to him and tell him what your feeling. Men don't get us women we are complicated creatures but you can help him understand you if you are honest with him and tell him your insecurities. I have my faults in my relationship sometimes I act like a woman and not tell my husband whats going on in my head but then I snap out of it and just say ... Hey I'm mad or I'm upset I have something thats bothering me and I need to talk to you about it. I don't yell and I don't dig at his faults I just simply say whats wrong with me and when I tell him he always helps me with it. If I stayed quiet and played the "guess whats wrong with me game" things wouldn't be going as well as they are going now. I hope things turn out ok for you two. When I first got on the internet I was SO addicted I neglected a lot of things in my life, over time it wore off and I was able to get back on track. Best wishes. Amberina.