what is the real meaning of soulmate.

April 27, 2008 3:13pm CST
i guess i do understand what this means and take these words pretty seriously. todays young generation uses these words to just anybody they feel they are in love with me. what does this frase mean to you" you are my soulmate "
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@agv123 (14)
• United States
27 Apr 08
well in my opinion, when someone says the phrase, "you are my soulmate", to another person, they're saying that the other person is someone that they can't live without. their soul is not complete without this other person. in order for a person to feel that love or feeling that most people yearn for, the feeling of completeness or the feeling of just absolute confidence and optimism about life, they must first find that one person that completes them, which is their soulmate. a soulmate in my opinion is someone that loves you for you, for all the mistakes you make, etc etc. basically someone that has unconditional love for you, and in which you feel the same way towards that person.
• India
25 May 08
thats lovely, thanks for a lovely responce, i pretty agree with you on it. thanks
@metschica25 (5407)
• United States
25 May 08
someone you can't live without . someone who is as important as the air you breathe. Someone who brings the best out in you .Someone who you start lifes journey with . You should be at peace when you are with one
@se7enthbird (8328)
• Philippines
28 Apr 08
agv up there and me knows what soulmate are really is because we found ours. i am married for five years now... but before getting married i live in with her for four years... and before that we are together in a band so we really know each other. when you say the word soulmate that means you really know that person and your relationship stand the test of time. you cant say to a person that you are my soulmate when you only know that person for a year.