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@asimo603 (1366)
November 1, 2006 9:02am CST
A Quotation by Galileo Galilei "All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them."
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@ossie16d (11827)
• Australia
11 Feb 07
This is so very true. LOL Actually that was not a good pun at all, but I do like the quotation and surprisingly it is actually a very old one considering who first said it. Often we do overlook the obvious, instead go searching for things that are not there, but if we looked close to home we would find what we want to know, i.e. the truth. I think that is what most people want, even if the truth is sometimes unpalitable. Thank you very much for sharing this quotation with us asimov, and it is definately one that I will add to my collection of worthwhile things to remember. :)
@asimo603 (1366)
• Malaysia
13 Feb 07
hi,ossie16d, thanks so much for responding to this old discussion of mine,I almost give up on this discussion which receive no response at all which I started four months ago on the purpose to share with others on this quotation and to see whether other members has any other interpretation on this quotation. I agree with your view that we often overlook the obvious but seaching for things that is non existance,maybe this is one of the reasons why misunderstanding/conflict happens so frequent.