Cindy Sheehan, Rocky Anderson, and Protesting President Bush

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August 18, 2006 5:52pm CST
In light of recent developments here in Salt Lake, I'm interested in opinions on Cindy Sheehan. The mayor here (Rocky Anderson) has a habit of protesting President Bush every time that Bush visits the state. President Bush will be speaking at an American Legion convention here at the end of the month, and, true to form, Mayor Anderson is organizing a protest. But he didn't stop there. He invited Cindy Sheehan to attend and she agreed. I've never like Sheehan and I disagree with the way she goes about trying to get her message across. I also disagree strongly with Rocky Anderson. When the President visits in his official capacity, he is representing the American people. I think you can disagree with his political actions without protesting his visit. He is the leader of the country and should be diplomatically welcomed in an appropriate manner. My two cents. More information about the Sheehan, Anderson, and the protest can be found at:
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@Snooze (610)
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19 Aug 06
Well, Trent Lott once exclaimed about then President Bill Clinton "He's not MY president!" The republicans were never willing to give Clinton the time of day. Before Clinton even took the oath of office, there were "Don't blame me, I voted for Bush" stickers everywhere. Before day one of Clinton's administration, the republican party's main goal was to make Clinton fail. As you say about Bush, Clinton also represented the American people. Yet the republicans never made the diplomatic effort that you suggest your Mayor make. At least Cindy Sheehan has a reason before you started protesting the president. After all, what would it hurt for Bush to meet with her? He's the compassionate guy, isn't he? I obviously didn't vote for Bush, but he IS my president. In the beginning of his first term, despite all the recount debate, I gave him the same respect I gave Clinton pre-Monica. Since that time, he's lost that respect, along with trust and patience. Even some republicans admit that Bush might just be the worst president in history, if not our lifetime.