What you hate the most ?

@teka44 (3425)
April 28, 2008 11:02am CST
I hate to clean the bathroom. Many corners to clean, hair into grater,etc. And you? What you hate the most to clean in your house?
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• Philippines
29 Apr 08
in doing the dishes i hate washing the spoon and forks. i dont know why exactly. but i think its because they are thin, and the forks are pointy that when i scrub them the poke me. lol. i just dont like it. i prefer to wash glasses and plates. but of course, i cannot leave the spoons and forks on the sink so i wash them, but i still dont like em. haha... aside from that, i hate being disorganized. it doesnt necessarily have to mean that evrything has its own box, although that would be nice too. but i hate it when everything is so messy and you just cant find anything in your room anymore. books not being arranged, clothes not folded properly, pens and pencils all over the table... it drives me nuts sometimes, especially when my sister wont help me clean the room. hahaha... oh and too many furniture around the room. space is really important to me, and having too many furniture in a room irritates me because its there and im not sure what use it has exactly aside from irritating me. lol. when i would have my own house i would just probably pick big key items that would fit my liking and lifestyle. but i cant do that now since were a lot.
@cher8558 (425)
• Canada
29 Apr 08
Hi friend, I absolutely hate doing the laundry. It is such a repetitive job. I have 5 people in the house, my girl goes through clothes faster than I can wash them. It is such a thankless job. You barely get them washed, dried and folded and boom, they're back in the laundry again. Hate laundry for sure. Cheryl
• Philippines
29 Apr 08
lol. yea laundry i forgot to put that down as well... :)
@only1shi (405)
• United States
29 Apr 08
i would have say that the part of my house that i hate the most is cleaning the kitchen. especially washing the dishes. i have sensitive skin and switching from the soap that i clean myself with, to hand soap, to dish soap does a number on me. and gloves just don't seem to make that much of a difference. but cleaning out the fridge and finding some not-so-fresh veggies in the crisper or that leftover that you thought was finished weeks ago turning green in the container. gross!!!! i'd rather clean the toilet!