I really don't get it do you?

April 28, 2008 1:39pm CST
I happen to see a brief story on the news the other night about a celebration after some hockey team won a game. I am assuming it must of been the big last game of the season or something. The fans were so excited they ran out into the streets and started thrashing cars and setting them on fire. Why is it that this happens when a favorite sports team wins the big trophy at the end of the season? Why do people think it is an excuse to destroy other people's property or even public property? I really don't get it. Why isn't shouting hurray, patting each other on the back, toasting their favorite team with a bear good enough? Every year their is millions of dollars worth of damage coming out of the tax payers pocket because of the celebration of winning teams. How can we fix this problem?
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@minnie_98214 (10574)
• United States
28 Apr 08
Yeah they get a bit carried away. I mean yeah okay its exciting but how about some respect people. I mean you wanna burn a car wll lets go get your car them loser. It really bothers me to see this stuff happen its just wrong.
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• Canada
29 Apr 08
Ha ha yes I love that. Sure buddy you wanna burn a car let's start with yours? Maybe if the damage were done to their stuff they would think twice before doing it to others. It really does sicken me to see this stuff. When a victory in a game should not be resulting in cars on fire, broken windows to shops, spray paint and even injuries and dealth. What is wrong with people?