Anyone heading to Ladakh this Summer !

April 28, 2008 2:36pm CST
Hello everyone ! I am just so new in mylot and I don't have many friends as of now in this site, but that is why I am here,to know and make a lot of friends in course of time; So,here I am about to share one of my passion with you all,which I am sure is bound to make me many friends soon,and that is travelling;And I am sure,there must be many out there who are also like me;So,all of you there,please share with me all your travelling aspirations this summer; And,I would specially like to know,if anyone of you is heading towards Ladakh/Kashmir or Himachal Pradesh or not this summer ? if anyone is,do tell us when,and how? Also,if someonehaven't yet decided anything,but would like to accompany anyone else going there,then also let us know your wishes; In fact,I am going there this summer,and I am so excited;I would love to share all my experiences with all of you here; So,please come up with your answers soon!
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