IPL-----Will cricket change forever??

April 29, 2008 1:45am CST
The Indian Premier League is an ambitious venture by the BCCI to make cricket football like.8 clubs bidded for players ranging from Sachin Tendulkar,Ricky Ponting n many others. The 44 day 59 game tournament has 8 teams playing each other on home and away bases. The scenario before the IPL matches began--- I keep fighting children playing in my street to make less noise so i can study AFTER There is no 1 playin in the streets.why?? They can't miss the IPL games. The IPL offers salm-bang cricket with matches finishing in something liek 3-4 hours offer an ideal escape for ppl looking for entertainment but with tight shecdule. IPL has changed the cricket world just like KERRY PACKER did. This has given rise to speculations that players will end their international careers to come with IPLsince it offers big money but i think it's just naive to expect something like that since COUNTRY IS ABOVE SELF GO DAREDEVILS GO!!!
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• Grenada
29 Apr 08
cricket will change forever
3 May 08
to a grate extent.
3 May 08
i think this will really change the future.before watching a cricket match was really boring as it used to take lots of hours to complete a game.but IPL has changed the future.this has made the game more interesting.this makes us to enjoy the every moment of the game.this has reduced the game to less than six hours which everyone requires.hence ipl has changed the future.
@arjun999 (1004)
• India
29 Apr 08
I am so excited by the ipl. Ya, cricket may be changed forever. I think the ICC has to give a window for Ipl every year else players may end their international careers for it.The can earn so much money in a short period of time.