Austrian girl locked in cellar for 24 years. Had 7 children to her father!!

April 29, 2008 2:14am CST,21985,23614798-663,00.html Quote.... AN Austrian man has confessed to imprisoning his daughter for 24 years in a windowless basement cell and fathering seven children with her, police said today. Authorities said three of the surviving children - aged 19, 18 and five - were confined during their entire lives to the darkness of their cell by the suspect, who Mr Polzer said "managed to deceive everyone" until he allegedly confessed in police custody today. Investigators said an electronic keyless entry system apparently kept the daughter from escaping from the cell, which was made of solid reinforced concrete. That is just a few snippets. This man faces 15 years in jail.... IS THAT ALL????? It's awful that something like this could happen. The things that puzzle me are that his wife claims to have had no idea...for 24 years there was no clue??? I find thathard to believe. Also what torture must those kids have gone through not to overpower this monster in order not to escape? One of the surviving children was an 18 year old boy?? I would assume that they were very weak from being confined but reports say they were all in good health. As awful as this story is, and my heart goes out to the victims... I can't help but think there is something not quite right with it all. A google search brings up several articles and I'm sure it will hit the local papers here in the UK today. What do you guys make of it all???
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@paid2write (5202)
29 Apr 08
The oldest child is 19 and lived her whole life in that cellar, so it is not surprising she is now very ill. It was her health and need for medical treatment that brought this to the attention of the authorities. The man's daughter had given birth 6 times alone in that cellar, with only her father to attend to her needs. He must have had to provide everything for her and the children who lived with her. He and his wife brought up the other 3 surviving children and they told the authorities he found these babies on his doorstep! How this could happen in a town of only 23,000 people without anyone wondering what was going on seems incredible to me.