Enjoying motherhood

@vsraovsr (734)
April 29, 2008 5:38am CST
Due to my continous effort to do things on time and with perfection, I'm always stressed out in carrying out my duties as a mother especially in feeding my kids. I never took pleasure in doing so but instead feeling the burden of this must to do task as my kids fuss a lot in eating on their own and taking the food of my choice which I feel is more nutritious than what they choose. I'm unable to change myself in this regard and am feeling bored of the daily routine. This indirectly is worrying e alot as I feel guilty of my actions of vebal abuse and spanking them to do what I wantt. I don't get any help from any body as I don't share this with anyone. Please advise.
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@Mamagee (392)
• Malaysia
30 Apr 08
I think there's nothing wrong if you want the best for your children. We want them to eat good food for their health. We should explain to them why we want them to do as what we say. Sometimes we need to give them freedom to manage what they want and to do their duty. This is to practice them to be more responsible.
@2btrueinu (703)
• Philippines
30 Apr 08
Being a mother is a tough job. Taking care of everything I got 3 kids and all of them drive me crazy but now I know how to handle them smoothly. My second child is very hard to feed he stay in the table for a hour and not finish his food. I do every thing to make him eat his meal until I found out what food he wants. I teach him to eat nutritious food I rarely serve can good and preserved food. At first he is crying until he became used to it. Now with all my effort he eats well. They also fight teasing each other until someone will cry. It's a really a burden if you think of it but nothing I can do it's my duties to take care of them. I do some action to discipline them but my mom tell me that it's not going to work you have to talk to them need a lot of time and effort to do it. Now it part of a situation that they always do playing with fighting as they grow they will learn how to be a big boy. Now I know how to handle them I put myself sometimes like their sister but not all they time because I have to teach them that I'm their mother. Discipline them in the right way will teach them how to behave spanking and do verbal abuse will not do good to discipline them they became more worst and rebellious. Show them your love not your anger and they soon understand that they have to be a good child to you. I put prayer in everything I do. That's my secret. Have a nice day...
• United States
29 Apr 08
Vsraover, You need to cut yourself some slack, lighten up on yourself. No mother is ever perfect. We are only human after all. Sounds like you have a big load and beating yourself up is only going to compound what you are feeling and going through. I think if I were in your shoes I would seek out some single mother groups, either where you live of online. There are many many places you can look at for support and help in dealing with the stresses of being a parent. Kids will eat when they are hungry, I am not telling you to change they way you are feeding them, just relax if they do not eat it. They will eventually. Take some of the pressure off and breath.