If you're school burnt down, what would you do?

April 29, 2008 6:49am CST
What? im probably transfer to another school. I wonder, what will i do with my subjects that i already taken for half semester? gezzz... its sounds crazy. But i hope its never happened! I think all the students will transfer to another school...
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@Icyslade (17)
• Canada
30 Apr 08
Speaking about that, My school library burned down last year and we had to go to this other school for a whole week. There were some good parts about that and some bads one, A week later we were all back, and everything was back to normal, haha As normal as it was ever going to get.
@febinsoft (213)
• India
29 Apr 08
I really hate my school life. I have less freedom there but know i am in college i have a lot here. So better is college then comes school.
@rhane7315 (5673)
• Philippines
29 Apr 08
i would be happy because we don't have to continue our classes as long as we don't find any place as a substitute for our classroom lol just kidding seriously, it would be hard for me to transfer to another school if that happens and i'm also a shy person so i guess it's not that good if my school was burnt down