How do you get your children out of bed in the morning?

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April 29, 2008 12:01pm CST
OK, I need help!! My 11 year old is NOT a morning person. I suppose he comes by it honestly, but it's becoming quite the drama in our home. It doesn't matter if he goes to sleep at 7pm or 12am. When it is time to get up, he can't seem to get himself out of bed. He will sleep through anything, really! You can run a vacuum cleaner next to him and he won't budge. What do you do to get your kids up and going in the morning? I'm open to any and all suggestions as I'm beginning to dread each morning more and more.
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30 Apr 08
Try opening the blinds or curtains in his bedroom or turn on the light. Usually, a rush of light can make a person wake up. Then, if he got a favorite fast beat music, turn it on and tell him, Good morning, time to get up. If he got a favorite show or movie (if he got tv on his room) turn it on. It will stimulate his senses to wake up even if he doesn't want to to because what he hears are familiar things. Like what you said, he can sleep thru a vacuum cleaner but then it is not the right setting to wake up into. Stimulating one senses will make it easier to wake up rather than knowing that you are force to wake up, etc. Goodluck!...:)
29 Apr 08
get a spray bottle put water in it and lightly spritx the child i dont have to spritz my 13 year old se gets up and my 2 year old gets up with me carrying him out of his room snd into my bed