I am going to a rubber stamping convention

United States
April 29, 2008 2:29pm CST
I am going this weekend to a small rubber stamping convention. We don't really have any stamp stores around here and only one craft store. I don't know that I really need anything, but it is fun to see what's new, and see some new techniques and ideas. But, I really need to keep my budget in check as I am also saving to buy a new cappuccino machine. I am hoping to not make any (or very very few) impulse buys so I am trying to decide what there is I would like to find. I do want to make a couple of mini-albums...a faithbook for me and one for my MIL, so maybe I can find things for those. What would you be looking for? A new tool, new stamps, technique supplies, more ink colors? Part of my problem is my stamp stuff isn't unpacked, and most of it is still at my moms house- so I can't really get a good grip on what I might need! Mostly I just enjoy the day with my mom- we get along best when it is just her and I one on one...add the rest of the family to the mix and we clash. So, I enjoy the fun and easy day with her.
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