do you always download movies from the internett?

@chenpan (381)
April 30, 2008 4:11am CST
Do ypou always download movies from the internet? as for me ,sometimes when i fell boring ,i would download some movies to watch.and if my friends introduce me a movie ,i would also download and watch. what about you?
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15 Feb 11
yes I do but recently last month I have changed my internet plan and now I have high bandwidth connection so I prefer to watch online and for this I always look for free sites where I can watch movies online and best that I found last month is here
@doller99 (13)
8 Jan 11
I always download movies from internet. I have used so many websites for download or watch movies online but I found one and only one site which is great. Now I have planned to download Love Hurts movie. Here is a direct link to download it.
• United States
1 May 08
By doing that a lot of viruses can get on to your computer. I'd rather watch them online. I think it is much safer than actually downloading them.
@hcpoirot (1562)
• Indonesia
30 Apr 08
I prefer to bought DVD movies than downloading them. Cause I like the bonus feature that the DVD provide, not to mention the subtitles. although some ripped off DVD had lousy subtitles. But I do downloaded TV series that I love like American idol and Amazing Race so I can watch them if I missed an episode or two from TV broadcast.
@Kecia08 (554)
• United States
30 Apr 08
I rent movies from Netflix, and they have a "Watch instantly" feature if you are a member. They have a selection of movies you can watch without having to download. I do that when I am bored and can find something in that section I want to see.
@longbangod (1791)
• Philippines
30 Apr 08
Didnt tried downloading a moview from the internet. I know some of my colleagues did before. But now it is already blocked here in the office. Our pc at home is very slow and im sure it would take time before I could download one.