Nirogen Tires: Why would it make my Nissan Xteria ride lower

United States
November 1, 2006 10:26am CST
I decided to replace the air in my new Nissan Xteria with nitrogen. I an regretting it now. Before the change, my vehicle sat higher up - one of the reasons that I purchased the vehicle. Since putting nitrogen in the tire, it sits lower. I discussed this with the dealership and they told me that I am wrong and no way this can occur. I spend 4 hours a day in my vehicle. I know how it was before. Last nite as I continued to beat up on myself for making this change, I began to think that it must be riding lower because it is not inflated with the same amount of pressure as it was before. Is this a possbility? This weekend, I am going to take it to NTB and have them remove the nitorgen out of the tire if they can and freplace it with air and by to the same inflation level it was at before. Any comments are greatly appreciated.
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