I want to help ppl who want to lose weight

United States
April 30, 2008 9:02am CST
I just want to share some of the things I found helpful in losing weight. for one thing forget those fads.you wanna be on something that you can stick with easily. mainly i try to eat high fiber foods.cause fiber helps ya lose.and I walk an hour a day.if that is too much then do at least half an hour. and don;t let anyone get you down.just believe in yourself!
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@artemis432 (7474)
• Abernathy, Texas
15 May 08
Great advice. Also, make sure you don't go too low in calories or your bodies go into starvation mode and holds onto all the calories. Protein helps lose fat and develop lean muscle too. Drink plenty of water and try to only eat unprocessed foods. Excercise is key. I found with my clients that they often ate right but left out excercise - so that their weight went down but their fat percentage went up. I think its great that you're sharing those tips that have have helped you succeed. Especially walking! And how unhealthy fads are. Awesome discussion. I hope others share their tips.
• Philippines
15 May 08
That's a lovely advice. Thanks! I've actually started counting my calorie intake. It's been only a week so I'm not expecting to see any results soon. I'll start walking perhaps 30 minutes at first. I'll gradually increase it to an hour. Wish me luck!
13 May 08
I find that the only thing that works for me is to keep my calories low - below 1200 and to exercise. I tend to eat portions that are too big or too many snacks if I am not writing down what I am eating. I have actually started a blog about losing weight where I write down what I eat each day and I find that really helps me as I do not want to have to admit to the world if I go off the diet! My main problem is how to keep the weight off once I have lost it.
@kiran1978 (4137)
• Australia
30 Apr 08
Yes I have heard high fibre foods can help you lose weight. I have a couple more kilos that I want to budge I might try that, I have lost 16 kilograms after giving birth to my baby 8 weeks ago, onl have a kilo or so to go. Just can't seem to shake last kilo. I am currently doing weight watchers, which works on a balance diet using a point system. Can you tell me some high fibre foods that you eat. I know you can get high fibre bread and cereal, what else has alot of fibre in it?
@kykidd (6819)
• United States
30 Apr 08
Thanks for the advice. I have been trying to lose weight, then got off the kick for a couple of weeks. But recently started walking again, and trying to drink more water. Thanks for the support and help.