gerard way and bert mcracken

April 30, 2008 9:03am CST
i really want to no what actually went on with them. there are so many different stories and rumors i would just like to no what actually went on because people have told me the some of the useds songs are about gerard way and im not really sure if thats true tbh. if anyone has any ideas can you let me no please
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11 May 08
They had a relationship. Its that simple. Who cares if the songs are about him or not. After they separated they were playing Warped together and they were on stage at the same time (different stages). So bert took a megaphone and told all of MCRs fans to go to his set instead because MCR ahd a bigger crowd. After that Gerard didn't want anything to do with him.
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30 Jul 08
i thought it had something to do with gerard's wanting to be sober and whatnot. I never got he full story.
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30 Sep 08
I don't believe they ever dated, but they were very good friends. They did have a fallout with each other a while ago, and that triggered a lot of emotions in bert..some of the songs he wrote are about gerard. but no, I don't believe they dated.