among the classy cricket which captain stands to be the strongest?

April 30, 2008 12:54pm CST
i have seen many captains in the indian cricket since my child hood, but the captains are good some times but not always, simply going onto struggles with team mates or with fellow teams people. like recently the classic player ricky ponting of australia. though he was good in making australia win many matches, today he seems to be quite anger in the field making his own decisions saying to empires. now tell me people have u ever seen such captains in the field? what qualities should a captain have ? i found some very good in india. recently mahendar singh dhoni, quite silent and formal in the field cool attitude sweet sime and efficient decisions and last but not the least encouraging the team mates in worse situations .. leading the team as a leader and saying it to be a team effort. will those things be said by any other captain ? probaly NO is the answer
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