April 30, 2008 1:01pm CST
what u like the most
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@cortjo73 (6500)
• United States
30 Apr 08
Hello and welcome smartgall! I hope you love it here. But, in order to do that you should take a moment to read the myLot rules. They prefer you to be more descriptive in your discussions. One sentence isn't going to cut it. I am truly not trying to be mean. Please take this for what it is worth which is an effort to help you have fun here on myLot. When you ask "what u like the most", we myLotians don't know what you mean. We don't know if you mean as far as travel, animals, food...whatever. You need to be more specific. And, you shouldn't just ask a question without giving an answer to your own question. We want to know about you as much as you might want to know about us. So, you should start by saying, "I love to go for walks in the fall and look at all of the beautiful colors of the foliage. How about all of you?" See what I mean. Also, do try to use proper grammar. The word "You" should be substituted for the popular text messaging "U". We speak in full sentences here. Basically, we have conversations here that we can't have face to face so, speak to us as if you are talking to us on the phone or face to face. I hope that I helped. I want you to have fun here but, you have to be a little more verbose.