@nfsjay (18)
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April 30, 2008 3:42pm CST
to all the parents out there. some parents know that your only young once right? well we all know that were young...but how are we going to learn if we dont have the freedom to do go out with friends,or to do different thing..i mean some of us know better to not skrew up our lifes but were only young once write?and what memories are we going to have if we cant do when we grow up the only memories are the ones at home and the friends that went off and had fun without you...this id fo those parents...tell me what you i can know why.
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1 May 08
My son is a very responsible boy and I treated him like one. I allowed him to go out when most of his friends were not allowed. The hard part is worrying about the other people on the planet, the ones who could harm him. I had to bite the bullet and trust that he would pay attention to not only what he was doing but what the other guy was doing too. It's a tough thing to do but you do have to give them a little room. You can hardly expect your kids to act like adults if you insist on treating them like babies.