Divorce after 31 years of marriage

United States
April 30, 2008 4:02pm CST
My dad told me today that our good family friends are getting a divorce after being married for 31 years. We're all really in shock. This is really sad to me because they always seemed to have a great relationship. They'd been together since the 6th grade - childhood sweethearts. It's almost like a rock in my mind's eye is breaking apart. They were our neighbors growing up, and their kids are around my age. We were very close - doing everything together. They were at my wedding just two years ago, and they really seemed just fine. She said she just missed living and being REALLY happy. He said she's never been the same since the kids left the house. Are these reasons to divorce? Will these things not pass? Or is it that after 31 years, you KNOW they won't pass?