My mom and dad took me on a trip with them!

United States
April 30, 2008 7:45pm CST
Simon - Simon sitting on the entertainment cabnet behinde DVD's. He was glairing at Petie. I was able to snap this photo when he turned his head.
Petie here; Mom and dad went out of town to see their son and they took me with them. Yayayaya We left last Friday night and dad drove to a place called Fernley Nv. I do not know where that is I just know that I went for a very long truck ride. Mom and dad even packed my kennel and blankets so I had a bed to sleep in. Once we got to the son's home I met three kitties named, Ruby, Simon, and Dr. Worm. Ruby is white and brown like me; and has blue eyes she was so afraid of me she hid under the bed the whole time I was there. Dr. Worm is black with very little white on him and we would have made friends if I would have stayed longer and Simon was bigger than me and gray. He is the ruler of the house. Mom got lots of photos of the cats. The best part of the trip is mom took me on several walks. We walked in a place that mom called a cemetery; we walked over the river twice. Once by a walking bridge that cars cannot drive on and once by a bridge with a few wholes in it. I think mom was scared. I loved walking on the bridges. I got to walk in dry grass and dirt and mom even took me into a store to buy bottled water. yayaya I have never been in a store with food in it. I have been in the store with fish, birds and other animals but not with people food. I think mom called the store 7-11. I loved the whole trip. I hope mom and dad take me on more trips again. I usually have to stay with Auntie Barbara, which I love, but I also love going with mom and dad. Do you guys get to go on car rides? Do you love care rides? I sure do. Mom even let me sleep on her lap with my blanket. By my friends,