United States
April 30, 2008 9:13pm CST
who in here goes to church???
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@HADDOWZ (1481)
23 May 10
Hello, I used to go to church every Sunday, when I was a child and my parents sent me. I hated it at the time, not for the religious reasons, but more for the fact it was a Sunday Morning. I dont critise anyone for for going to church as it has done me no harm. In fact the oposite, probably done me alot of good. Meeting new people,learning new facts. It's life,so we should just get on with it.
@Chispa514 (871)
• Montreal, Quebec
5 May 08
I'm catholic and I try my best to make it to mass every sunday. There are even times when I go to church more than just sundays. I go when I feel really depressed or confused and need some time to myself to think and reflect while praying. I also go on easter, Xmas, god friday, ash wednesday and any other religious holiday that comes up. The only time I don't go to church is when I'm not feeling well or if I have company over, because I won't just kick someone out,especially if they are sleeping, nor will I leave anyone in my house while I'm gone, regardless how much I trust them.
@Anne18 (11036)
1 May 08
I don't go to church at all now. Last time i was in a church was about two years ago and that was cos I was invited to a neighbour's baptism(adult baptism). My children haven't been christen, can be so when and if they want to. I now am a non believeer in God, I was semi brought up in the Church of England although my family never went to church, I was christen as a baby but I never really knew who my god parents were! I did go to sunday school as a child but only cos I asked to go. About 11 I wanted to go to the new church building that was built on our council estate but wasn't alowed to , as people went who my mum didn't want me to mix with. I did get to go in the end, but felt out of place as I was the last one in the door so to speak. After moving house I discovered God in a big way at the age of 12/13. I used to go to church, I had to beg my mum and dad to let me be confirmed into the church of england. I sang in the choir, did the coffees after the sevice, rang the bell, did creche duty and helped as a sunday school teacher. I did the lot!! I did get lost with my faith a couple of times but hung in there. to cut a long story short, I have no faith in god. I rescpet regloion upmost and would love to study world Reglions cos they fansize me. Our children know that there parents do not believe in God. But if any of the children wanted to go to church we would take them and support them in there beliefs, but we would never let them believe that we believe in God. PS. I did sit on the fence for many years and 1999 I jumped finally over to not believing. Hope this helps you...... you should only go to church if you want to go.
@1Cor5_17 (74)
• Philippines
1 May 08
hi! i go to church regularly! a christian church at that!