Stolen Gas...Would you buy it had cheap gas if you saw it?

@tjades (3592)
May 1, 2008 12:24am CST
According to a CNN item of news today persons have gone on a rampage stealing gas. Apparently large tankers, delivery trucks and the gas station pumps are some of the sources from which this gas is taken and then it would seem sold back for less. Drivers and owners wake up to find holes drilled into their gas tanks and their tanks, filled from overnight, totally empty. Not only are they left without gas but also with a damaged tank. So if you see gas being sold at a much reduced cost it is more than likely stolen gas. Would that really matter to you? Tempting as it may be, as the prices continue to escalate, I would leave it alone. Stealing is just so wrong.
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• Philippines
12 May 08
i find your question really difficult, and i dont know how to answer it. half of me is saying yes and half of me is saying no. but it is a problem in any society and not just in stealing gas. with the gas prices being so high and people have no other alternative of course they would steal. some people would probably think that since there is cheap gas why not grab the opportunity to buy some while its still there because sooner or later it will be gone and they would think they missed out on saving a little bit back then when there are areas to buy it cheaper. with prices rising everyday, people cannot be expected to pay that certain amount and still maintain the kind of lifestyle they live in, there would be cutbacks or more cutbacks in the way people live. and im also thinking, of course stealing is wrong, and buying stolen gas would encourage more people to steal which is all the more wrong. sigh... it is wrong but it is a battle for survival in a way isnt it? the government should resolve this and lessen the prices to stop the stealing of gasses.
@carolscash (9500)
• United States
1 May 08
Well, I just heard about this on the radio the other day. However, I wonder what they expect when the oil companies are making record profits and we are all suffering in order to make ends meet. Some people are struggling to pay bills, put food on the table and afford gas to get to work and back. It is a sad situation and you are right that people will be stealing it from anywhere they can. I might buy it at a discounted price if it were at a station.
@luvstochat (6914)
• United States
1 May 08
My husband the other day commented that we should buy some locking gas caps as with the prices going so high people will be stealing gas from vehicles too. I don't think I would buy cheap gas as I would be afraid it was watered down.