What Will Be The Best Plan?

@Rozie37 (15503)
May 1, 2008 1:28am CST
I know that we are all sick to death about this ordeal that has been uncovered in Texas. Yesterday, a friend and I were debating about what would be best for the young mothers. I was aying that it would be nice it they were able to keep their babies and be adopted by couples who are willing to help them raise their babies, while going to school and therapy. She was saying that the babies will probably be taken away from the young mothers. She said that they are babies themselves and should not be raising them. She also said that the girls are too messed up to raise their own children. I do not think that they should be punished any further by having their children taken away from them. If they want to keep them, they should be allowed to. There was another thing that caught my attention about this story. When I was going to school to be a Medical Assistant, we learned that if a child's bone is broken, it never heals to the point where you can not tell that it was previously broken. The leader is going to be in even more trouble for abusing the boys and breaking their bones. I know that some people did not realize that an x-ray tells all.
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