building the perfect beast

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May 1, 2008 3:41am CST
I believe that you would have the perfect fighter if you combined B.J. Penn and Keith "THE DEAN OF MEAN" Jardine in a laboratory. Disagree???
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5 May 08
Disagree, I think that BJ Penn, when he has the cardio IS the perfect fighter. He has fought in five weightclasses, done well in each one. The only times he has not done well, is when his cardio is in question. Next on my list would be Bas Rutten, who is hands down one of the best fighters out there. He has made a great transition to a coach.
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6 May 08
I thought the question was who "IS" your favorite UFC fighter, not who is your favorite "retired" fighter. Ya gotta be fair and lay out the rules, billtkatt (7). If we're talking ". . .of all time" then I would have to go with "THE PYTHON",Royce Gracie. Back in the GLORY DAYS of UFC (I'm a World Extreme Cagefighting fan now) when there were no weight classes and very little rules I saw his 175 lb. self take on another jiu jitsu master of 300+ lbs. from Holland by the name of Ronco DePardeu. So Royce, being much smaller had to maneuver around the back of him and climb on his back, then choking Ronco with his own karate gui (I thought guis were the stupidest things in the world ever since I took karate). Anyway aside from clothing you'll never see anybody wear on the street (unless they're a complete geek) Royce Gracie, like BJ Penn is a "thinking" fighter (I'll include Bas Rutten in there). I have the utmost respect for thinking fighters and no room in my life for "brainless brawlers" (i.e. Chuck Liddell, David "Tank" Abbott, etc.). The thinking fighters keep re-inventing themselves, whereas the "brainless brawlers" get stale like old chewing gum and, eventually start losing consistently (like Chuck Liddell) because their moves stay the same making them easy to read. I HOPE I LEFT ROOM FOR YOU TO GET A WORD IN VERTICAL. - RSVP, Ghost Eagle out!!!