driving is hard...

May 1, 2008 9:21am CST
although i have practiced driving with an instructor in the past, i forgot about the basics when i stopped practicing (because i didn't have a car then.) when i get married, we bought a car last december. but i didn't practice till last monday. i got the same instructor because i really learned with him the first time. actually, i tried to learn while my husband is teaching me. but we only fought on the road and in the end, i was too frustrated to drive. one time, i stopped in the middle of the road because i panicked when he screamed. anyway, things are so much better now, especially that i have more confidence behind the wheel. but we still have occasional spats these past weeks because of my driving. although he trusts me, he gets really nervous, so he would raise his voice. he thinks i don't listen to him, but to me, i don't like the way he gives instructions. he feels bad that i don't respect him. i dunno, but he is not a good teacher to me... driving is hard and with him teaching me...it is worse.
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@rockvixen (894)
• United States
1 May 08
Wow, you know he really needs to have a little more patience. My husband is currently teaching me, and he is very easy on me. He's more patient and does not yell. He says yelling only makes driving harder to do, and it causes a loss in concentration. I think you should find someone else that you can drive with, not your husband. You may be better off learning with someone else, like your current instructor. I have yet to drive a car, so believe me I'm nervous myself, but I know I can do this and so can you. Don't let your husband make you upset or nervous.
• Philippines
1 May 08
yea rock. but i have studied with my instructor for 3 days already, and spent a total of 8 hours. i know i am already pretty good, but of course, not perfect. anyway, since i stil have my student permit, i cannot go out alone. and whenever, we are together, there are still times that he shouts at me, :-(