America is taking over China, while China is taking over America!!!

May 1, 2008 10:14am CST
Well, I spend some time visiting some dominant websites , both chinese ones and american ones alike .You know what are these sentences I came acorss everyday???? quite interesting. first, on mylot, huffington or some other websits, it seems like 'china is taking over america , chinese food is mudering our pets, posioning our children, and china is responsible for our high unemployeement' however, what is chinese people's opinion?????? 'america is trying its best to destory us, our children are becoming fatter and fatter due to KFC, and chinese movie industry is withering under the shadow of Hollywood, and now banks, supermarkets are flooding into china, we can not let them take over our life. so, it seems like there is a monster-----fear in both the two countries' peoples's heart. How could this happen????
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