Student Loans

United States
May 1, 2008 11:50am CST
A little while back I called this nice consolidation company (one of the few who didn't hound me with phone calls after I exhibited the slightest interest in what they have to offer). I don't know how many of you are familiar with the whole process, but you essentially call the company, take 5 minutes to fill out a phone application with them and then ta-da. They send you an electronic signature thingy in your email and once again, you owe your life (and first born child unless you can guess the name of the company's founder's 2nd cousin once removed...and it's not as easy as Rumplestiltskin), this time it's just to a different company. That's the federal loan consolidation process people. But see, I not only had 4 federal loans. Oh, of course not! I also have four private loans. From 4 different banks. IN 4 very high amounts! So now, I need a cosigner to get all my loans consolidated into one (with another very high interest rate might I add). Anywho, needless to say when all is said and done, I'm gonna oew a little more than $500 a month on my student loans. Now for the question of the month...If one has rent and bills to pay, as well as student loans, and those pesky everyday expenses like food and gas to get you TO is one supposed to live? What kind of job is going to pay me that much? Certainly not anything I have a degree for (that I've found out for sure!). So the question I pose to you, adoring fans (haha) do you handle all your monthly bills and rend and financial situations? Is there an easier way (and don't answer with win the lottery, get a sugar daddy, be a hooker, sell crystal meth....nothin silly like that)? Winner gets....I don't know, maybe a high five for not drowning in debt! hehe:) So feel free to share your advice with the wide-eyed and weary newbies of the world! We're anxiously awaiting!Peace and jellybeans (only the red ones...cherry, not cinnamon, ick!)~ Sar
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