true lover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 1, 2008 1:39pm CST
did you ever fall in love? if so then come let's know are you a true lover? it's so just reply to simple questions. how much do you love? how do you prove to be a true lover? how many of us really love without acting? how many of us can darely express that they love? how many of us get succeeded in this struggle for love? I have heard dare to love,is it having much importance to yourselves?
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• United States
13 May 08
love is what makes life worth living. Children first love their parents and the parents first love their children well it should be. We learn to love certain foods and places. I love most foods as my wife is a great cook and she worked in a restaurant and she has also managed restaurants at a Mall and also in a resort area in Michigan. Food cooked by a loved one is much better then a restaurant..even a simple meal that is cooked by a loving our mother or sister..even my brothers were great cooks.. I am not much when it comes to politics as this is too weird even for me...its not a love of mine but I do vote and pay taxes..this is the first duty as a citizen. I love to study new things ..on the internet and learn new words and meanin of words. This is a never ending job...the room for self improvement is very big Love is like faith ..with out either one life would not be possible... Love keeps you young at heart.
• United States
13 May 08
\here is my picture but I don't love it..but its me and my pet dog..Reggie aye? is this thing working? methinks it is kind of slow..duh
@thealim (74)
• Philippines
6 May 08
yes i also fall inlove but it's not really easy to get hurt
@nanayangel (7861)
• Philippines
2 May 08
Hi there Habeebulla! Yes, I have fell in love and I am currently in love. I believe that I am a true lover. Sometimes, I love too much that I forget my principles. I do things that I didn't know I'm capable of. I have made sacrifices for love and it's definitely worth it.
@jesbellaine (4157)
• Philippines
1 May 08
Yes, I fell in love and still am in love with my man. We show our love for each other by having trust with one another. We fight but we always kiss and make up. :)