How do you tell a 1st cousin to quit bumming you daily,and be nice ?

United States
May 1, 2008 6:42pm CST
This situation is making me mad. My cousin lives in the same apartment complex as myself and my husband. He is currently laid off by choice. He says he can't work cause his wife will cheat on him. I told him she will do whatever she's gonna do whether you are home or not. I ask him why be with her if there is no trust. He says because of his daughter. He constantly is talking about sleeping with people. I guess he is just got a guilty concience for his cheating,and is accusing her to make him look innocent in his eyes.My problem is he comes over 3 to 4 times a day. He always wants my phone and cigerettes . This has been ongoing for about a week. He is getting ready to see the "mean" side of me and I want to keep it nice. My husband works his butt off, and buys me whatever I need. I am currently not working,I am awaiting my test date for a professional license. I will be the first to admit money is tight as it gets around here. The bumming has got to quit. He ask for 2 to 3 cigs on each of his 3 to 4 daily visits. He just left and I told him I was sick of everybody bumming my cigs,my neighbor trys this and I tell him I am smoking my last every time. I just can't seem to do this with the cousin. What are your alls suggestions to make this stop ?
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