I am sooooo confused....

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May 1, 2008 9:10pm CST
So this post of for the ladies but guys please feel free to respond. So I have a "significant other" but he and I haven't realy been talking lately. When we first got together back in December things were just lovely. We were always talking or texting. He would always say such sweet things to me about how much he wanted and needed me in his life and how beautiful I was but things just started to change after a couple of months. Around Valentines Day me and a former friend had a falling out over an issue related to him. I say related to him because I don't feel like it was his fault. She was mad at me because she felt like I was putting her aside for him. I disagreed but I tried to apologize and let her know that I was still there for her a couple of times but she brushed that off and still insisted that I was choosing him over her. FRIENDSHIP OVER. Why? Becuase she had no reason to question my loyalty as a friend to her just because I had boyfriend (at the time). I was always there for her. I honestly think I talked to her more than I talked to my boyfriend. Everyday she and I would talk to each other on the phone, online, or text or something. I never denied her my time just because of the guy I was with. Then on top of that I apologized (twice!) when I really didn't need to and she just brushed it off. So I just left her be becuase personally I felt like she was just jealous. Now back to the story at hand. After that little sitution I noticed my relationship with him started to become a little different. He still said he loved me and wanted to be with me and all but things were just weird from that point on. Then when I went on Spring Break in the beginning of March I was hoping to talk to or see him or something but he never answered his phone nor did he answer text messages. Then when I returned to school he text me something about still wanting to be with him which really threw me off because I didn't think I gave him any reason to believe that I didnt want to be with him. Especially since we had not contact (his fault, yes?) the week before. Then it came out. He told me that his ex had called him. He didn't go into detail about it but umm... yeah. Then a week or so later we were texting and he said he kinda wanted to take a lil break or something like that because he was going through some things with school and it was really stressing him out. I was okay with that and since then its like we barely talk EVER. I don't know, I'm just confused. Its like our relationship is one open-ended question. Question:Are we still together? Answer:?????????????
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@foofermen (503)
4 Dec 10
forget about that dude AND your friend. Think about any other relationships you can. Break ups and happy marriages. Most of the time, people have such a hard time letting go, that they drag themselves through years of miserable hope only to end the relationship violently. Don't wait to be the rebound girl. If he is seeing his ex, and things don't work out between them, do you really want to be the rebound girl? Screw that, go to the gym, find a decent guy, get over this waste of time. If you do not heed my warning, there is a very sad chance that you could end up being a statistic, another failed marriage. Good luck, I hope that whatever you choose, works out for you perfectly =)