Do You Have Any Stories Which Involved You & Your Dog?

Retriever - Looks Exactly Like Ricky,I miss him.
@farmaz (112)
May 1, 2008 9:38pm CST
I had a retriever long time ago.It actually belonged to my brother.We loved him so much and he part of the family.There's this story my family used to tell me.When I was young,I mean really young(crawling baby),I crawled out of the house and headed towards the main road.My dog,Ricky(Sorry to people who are named Ricky)managed to break its chain and ran towards me barking.My family rushed out to see what was going on and realized that I was heading towards the road and Ricky was trying to stop me.End of the day Ricky grabbed my diapers by its teeth and carried me back home.That would be my utmost experience with a dog.What's yours,share them please.
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