What kind/breed of dogs do you like the most?

May 1, 2008 10:06pm CST
I never had a dog. But I wanted one. So I need your opinion on choosing my best pet. Will you help me? What kind or breed of dogs do you like the most? Why? Share some experiences with your dog that can be considered unforgettable. What are their traits and habits that you like most?
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@drumbum04 (172)
• Philippines
4 May 08
I am very fond of dogs. We have two pet dogs at home. We have two labradors whose names are Molly and Ching Ching. I have to say that my favorite dog breed is labrador. My pet labradors are very loyal. They would follow me wherever I go. They would wait for me when I go out. I teach them tricks and when I tell them to do the tricks that I taught them, they will follow me. They would lick my face maybe to demonstrate their love for me. They are such adorable pets and I would not replace them for anything. They are my constant source of joy. They never give me problems. They are blessings.
@Pescoe (101)
• Philippines
2 May 08
it depends on your lifestyle...you can have big dog breeds or small dog breeds depending on your needs. I have small dogs because I have limited space for them to roam around the house.
• Philippines
2 May 08
i dream to have a St. Bernard dog. i love huge dogs except for Doberman. lol. I also like Hounds if you like to have both a guard dog and a pet. i watched national geographic last sem and they featured Siberian Huskies. I looooove to have that kind of dogs. lol! but if you like to pet them around, pugs are suitable.
@trickiwoo (2702)
• United States
2 May 08
I'd have to say that pugs are my favorite breeds. I've never owned a pug, but there's something about the breed I'm just drawn to! I have owned German Shepherds and they are absolutely wonderful dogs! I honestly don't think there's a breed I don't like. There are some high energy breeds I don't think I could keep up with... but I love them all the same! If you're looking for a pet dog, I would recommend looking into local rescue groups. There are plenty of breed specific rescue groups, if you're looking for a particular breed. If you have no idea, there are lots of generic pet rescue groups as well! The great thing about rescue groups is that they can match a pet to your needs and lifestyle. You can talk to someone involved with the group and explain your lifestyle (do you have other pets, kids, when do you work, how active are you, etc.) and what you're looking for (a big dog or a small dog, a calm laid back dog or an active energetic dog, a dog with high or low-maintenance grooming needs, etc.) Usually dogs cared for by these groups are in foster homes where the foster owners know their dogs very well and can match you with your perfect companion!