The Hidden Racist.

United States
May 1, 2008 11:35pm CST
Do you ever find yourself hearing others talk badly about another race, or perhaps make a slur or comment that is offensive not only to you but to that race? It's like this thing with Obama, he's a black man running for president and many out there are not taking it too well. People think that having a black man in office is wrong or immoral. I find NOTHING wrong with it. You could be green, purple, yellow, grey, white, blue or any color and I would never say anything about your color, I would not base your personality on your color, which is what some people do. I've seen it and heard it and it bothers the crap out of me. So tell me do you know a hidden racist, or are you racist yourself?
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@OUT2WIN (669)
• United States
2 May 08
I wouldn't call myself a raciest but stereotypes do exist for a reason and no matter how raciest they may seem, they do exist for a reason. Classifying everyone who happens to fall into a certain color or ethnic group would be raciest and ignorant. Is it wrong to call an apple an apple if thats what it is though? I don't think so and that may make me a jerk or a raciest to some, then so be it. For instance, why isn't there a white history month? Or a mexican history month? Or a american indian month? But there has to be a black history month right? At one point or another every race and color has been killed or enslaved by someone else. Black people seem to hold onto this and carry it like jesus carried the cross. Stereotypes are very funny and very true lots of times. I personally love them and get a kick out of comedy like The Chepelle Show, Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad, Futureramma, and madTv. All are loaded with jokes pointed at us all. I don't care about color and I think a black president would be a revolutionary change in our government and why would that be a bad thing? It may lead to many advancements in racial rights and settle down the debate about blacks being held down still and oppression still affecting the masses of young black america. We are all given free choice to make our own decisions and need to take that into account and stop blaming someone else or blaming being dealt a bad hand in life for our poor decisions and actions. All color does is make us unique looking....its the personally that goes with that color which adds the stereotype....and usually fits like a glove.