What now for the Dallas Mavericks?

@allen0187 (34147)
May 2, 2008 1:24am CST
After losing in the first round for the second year in the row, the Dallas Mavericks are in a bind. Just two seasons ago, the Dallas Mavericks were the Western Conference champs. They fell short to eventual champs Miami Heat after leading the series 2 - 0. Last year, they went down against the Golden State Warriors and this year they fell to the younger New Orleans Hornets. They have already fired their coach Avery Johnson and are unsure about what to do with Jason Kidd. The team received a lot of flak for trading for Kidd. Dallas gave up a young point guard in Devin Harris and now have no tradeable assets except for maybe Josh Howard and the #15 pick. Recently, Josh Howard also got into controversy after admitting in a radio show that he took marijuana. Personally, I think the move to replace Avery Johnson is a very good one. Although, I have no idea who Dallas can get as a coach, a couple names are being floated, this is the most sensible step. Clearly, the coach has lost touch with this players and this bodes ill to any professional team. As for Jason Kidd, he amy be a step slower but the experience and leadership he brings to Dallas is invaluable. I think it's simply a way of orchestraing more plays for Kidd or simply letting Kidd read the game and let him get the ball to those that are in the most favorable position to score. He was underutilized in Dallas. Dallas also needs to add a more consistent scorer. Jerry Stackhouse, Jason Terry, and Josh Howard have not been able to step up and score consistently. Hopefully, Dallas makes adjustments so we can see them fare better next season.
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