This discussion entails all about my concerns on MYLOT... ^_^

May 2, 2008 4:40am CST
Hi there everyone, right now I really still have a lot of thoughts racing in my mind and I hope I could be able to enumerate them all here. Thanks for you helps. What is a post? How do i start earning? Is it merely though starting discussions? and responding to some? when will I get a star ranking of 1-10? How many hours do I need to spend here in mylot?How long does my discussions and responses need to be? how much do I earn from it? What are prohibited, what i mean is that things that I must avoid while making and starting discussions and responding to some? Are there any Filipinos out there who are really doing good here at my lot? got any advice. hehehe ^_^ You see? i really have lot of questions because I am really interested in what I am indulging right now.. thanks a lot and have a great time... ^_^
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