role in life as a daughter

May 2, 2008 5:14am CST
I have knew that im only an adopted child since when i was 7 years old.. my stepparents loved me very much and treated me like thier own only child cause they dont have one..I grow up happy even if were only poor,, But what i regret in my whole life is when i havent show to my Stepmom that i really love her until shes gone because of leptospirosis. i always eft her with a lot of headaches when she was still alive.. i dont even wash my own clothes and not even know how to at least wash dishes.. After my stepmom died, i left my drunkard spefather and i went back to my real family.. there i learn how to become a slave.. now i remember how my stepmom suffered because of my bieng lazy.. so i think i have hit on the saying,,WHAT YOU DO UNTO OTHERS WILL ALSO OTHERS DO UNTO YOU.. THIS IS FOR THOSE SILLY CHILDREN: YOU SHOULD HAVE TO SHOW TO YOUR PARENTS YOUR LOVE BY NOW OR ELSE YOU WILL BOT BE GIVEN A CHANCE ANYMORE TO SHOW IT TO THEM..
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