being unemployed makes me upset...

May 2, 2008 11:30am CST
im from the philippines and have been through different odd not getting any younger so im thinking about having a more decent and licrative job...i am new in im not that yet familiar with this but im trying my best to be updated and to have more friends...and with regards to the earnins so to speak, if ever i am already earning will i be able to get all my mylot friends from around the world,,,may peace be with us always and have a nice day...
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@flowerhorn (1011)
• Malaysia
3 May 08
Hi and welcome newbie! I am also newbie! Unemployed?Me too? What do u intend to do? Can earn a bit here...I think? MUst ask those people who have been here 4 some time.Pocket money only. Have u think of trying affiliate marketing? Or other online money making thing? U must have some basic PC knowhow.And it takes time and patience. No magic bullet
@gwoman2 (711)
• United States
2 May 08
I am also new to myLot and loving every minute I can spend on here! Hi! Oh my goodness Shadow_Weaver you have your whole life before you, what a wonderful opportunity for you, to be able to choose whatever you'd like to be!! I am from New Jersey and you are from? Here in NJ we have a One-Stop-Career-Center where anyone can go and have the opportunity of help with finding a job in the field of their interests, help with resumes, and/or going to school for a GED or College! All these services are free because we are state funded, check it out...They should have a site ours is About your earnings, the mail you a check, or rather, PayPal does. Give an update as to how you're doing:-) ~G~
@elsoft12 (1825)
• India
2 May 08
Dont get upset.Many of the richest people have gone through the stage that you are undergoing at some stage of their life.Now you are at the right place,I guess..where-in you can be updated just by going through the several discussions going on around..with people sharing their experiences..both positive and stepping stones. All the best to you.