Have you ever put your dreams on hold in order to take care of your family..

@TheDevil (840)
May 2, 2008 1:42pm CST
Not me.... But i do knw many ppl especially women has to sacrifice or keep on hold - their dreams in order to take care of you family .... I would like to knw ur dreams and what were the reasons that u were not able to pursue it...
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@taface412 (3176)
• United States
2 May 08
This totally hits home with me. Yes, I have put my life on hold. About five years ago my mother had a heart attack. And I currently was living at home after I had graduated college. I decided to stay home and help her recover (not to mention she is brittle diabetic on top of things). And then my parents and I decided to move to a bigger place with property with my hopes of having my own place next door....well fast forward to years later...my mother's health is declining and now my father's is as well. And I being the healthy one (without a family of my own) takes a lot of the stress of everyday activities. I do not regret helping my family, because I love and cherish them greatly. Especially when I see other people's parents and now how lucky I was to have them and still have them. But it gets hard a times, especially when I have my own bills to pay. And dreams....well, the child in me has grown to see that sometimes the simplest dream is to be comfortable and healthy. My dream was to be a writer, and one day when I have a moment to think I will be able to focus on it. Good topic post by the way.