Time Is In Your Control

May 2, 2008 8:53pm CST
New Dynamic English equipped with advanced multimedia and foreign teaching patter, so your learning schedule could be as flexible as any time you want. You are free to start learning any time suits your convenience and mood. According to the need of your studying, at least 5 units of learning period every week are required. You may complete your 5 units at one time or at many times. Our multimedia software will honestly take down your learning process and time. Normally your tutor helps you to set next goal every time you finish one period of learning. Basically the ability and situation can be different in a wide range among many learners, even for those who start learning at exact same time. New Dynamic English solves all these problems, for you can even slow down learning process until you fully understand and accomplish. What’s more there is no need to “wait for your acquaintance”
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