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May 2, 2008 10:25pm CST
1988, only 14-year-old guitarist and singer Billie Joe Armstrong of the same age and childhood friend, bassist Mike Dirnt join hands in northwest California, first formed a Green Day, the predecessor of the band Sweet Children, 1989 when drummer Al Sobrante After the formal accession changed its name to Green Day. After the commissioning through the issuance of some EP album, 1990's Green Day in the northern California underground punk circles reputation highly visible, and immediately joined the California local independent labels Lookout!. With the company's promotion of Larry Livermore veterans, Green Day has become a California band the ground floor of Ming Jiao. 1991, Green Day band also issued the band's first album "1039 / Smoothed Out Slappy Hour", but issued after this album, Green Day band on the experience of the staff turmoil, Al Sobrante left, Tre Cool replace him The drummer position. Since then the band lineup stability down, Tre Cool was originally called Frank Edwin Wr
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