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May 2, 2008 10:27pm CST
Reprise after joining the company, in early 1994, Green Day band released a third album, the mainstream is their debut album "Dookie". As singles "Longview" and the second single, "Basket Case" for the promotion, this album as a whole in 1994 to become a phenomenon, all the two singles have become modern rock singles chart champion, And then the famous Woodstock Festival in the exciting performances, the first and third singles title "When I Come Around" after the launch, Green Day band of this "Dookie" swept the United States and then spread worldwide. 3 singles champion ruled modern rock singles chart champion accumulated over 10 weeks time, album sales steadily increased, this was top Billboard 200 album list of the final runner-up in the United States has made more than 8 million Zhang sales, global sales of over 10 million, and brought them the 1994 session of the 37th annual Grammy Awards Best Alternative Music Performance Award. "Dookie" to the best-selling punk music Fengmangbi
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