how can i stop my husband from playing computer games

South Korea
May 3, 2008 12:54am CST
after office work my husband is rushing to go home because he miss his computer..i get worried coz he stays in computer for a long time. sometimes we get quarrel because he spent more time on computer than chatting with me. gosh i miss him so much...
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@ssh123 (31100)
• India
3 May 08
It is human tendency to work against the rules and regulations imposed by others, especially the households. So try to tell him the ill effects of playing computer games for longer time. keep some work for him like going out to bring something for kinds, some items for home. Try to take him out for a walk, or for that matter visit a nearby restaurant. Try and teach him how to earn money in computer by using internet.
• South Korea
10 May 08
hi.. thank you for your comment. godbless
@anex08 (868)
• Philippines
3 May 08
Why don't you grab him for a talk. Then explain to him gently your concern. Its nice when a couple talk about every situation that concern each member so get his attention and ward him to talk to you. Goodluck.
@yogeshdhusa (2237)
• India
3 May 08
Hi Angelo, I think when he needs you most, that time you go do something which you like. Example If he needs you like any where or any time, At that time you should not be available , If he complains then you should reply in a sweet way that the way you like games i like this .... sorry if i am unable to make you understand,,