Have you reached your minmum payouts already?

May 3, 2008 3:04am CST
Hi there guys, just got back here in myLot because I have been doing research on some aspects like about PayPal and how I do get my payments. Actually, my head is really in a jam right now because I am just a student and i really don't know how it works out. I was wondering because sooner or later I will be achieving my minimum payout which is 10USD. I am currently residing here in the Philippines. I am just a student, I don't have a bank account but my brother does. I don't have a Credit Card for my account verification in PayPal, what should I do? do you have any advice for me, I am really doing my best just to earn some decent money for my extra allowance. I know that here in my Lot it is not all about money, but please do help me and I would gladly appreciate it. Have a great time guys. I'll be waiting for your responses... ^_^
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