5 dollar shirts from Threadless.com

Threadless.com - "Video Games Ruined my life, good thing I have two extra lives" t shirt, color blue
United States
May 3, 2008 8:53am CST
My boyfriend was the one to find out about this website while watching the news and I highly recommend that you visit the website for yourself. Its t-shirts with meaning! The $5 dollar t-shirts sell out fast but I didn't have a problem getting my size because some t-shirts all the mens sizes sell out and womens shirts stay in stock vice versa. Another great thing about Threadless.com is that you can actually MAKE t-shirts by submitting your design and idea and I am working on doing that right now, you get $500 (and a another amount but forget total) for everytime its reprinted and it doesnt look like thats hard at all at this site (having t-shirts sold out) I really like the retro 80 looking shirts and the more geekier ones (t-shirt with 80s Comp) but they also have another that is anime looking and another that the picture looks blurry, awesome effect. Who says you need to spend 30 dollars on a shirt, even off sale the t-shirts run 15-17 dollars! Tell me what you think of the site and do you think you could design your own t-shirt?
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@luvstochat (6914)
• United States
3 May 08
That is great $5 for an adult T-shirt. I would love to design my own t-shirt I have seen several sites where you could design your own but I have never tried it. I will have to see what all t-shirts the site has thanks for guiding us to the site.