Does some art make you sick?

@mode09 (158)
United States
May 3, 2008 11:03am CST
So I don't claim to be an art expert, but the other day I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and was standing in the checkout line and since I was in line for quite a long time, I was looking at the art for sell on the front wall. One just really made me nausiated. It looked like a handful of poka-dot/cheerio things. It just reminded me of some really tacky grade school book art on an Algebra 2 book. I started thinking to myself, who would buy this other than a suburban person wanting to portray to their guests that they had a artsy flair for urban taste or a doctor to hang up in their waiting room wall (wating rooms have the worst art in my opinion)? But the more I thought about it, the more it made me feel sick at my stomach. Has any art ever just made you feel ill?
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