i have 3 cats and they always running into walls

United States
May 3, 2008 12:08pm CST
i have three cats, ive had them, it seems like forever, well one day were all sitting chillin, and there flying across my house,i always be yelling telling them to slow down, next thing i know my male cat is running to fast for his bridges, and smack he hits the back of the door, it was soo funny, if u could have seen it, he hit it, then hit the floor and got up and shook it off, like nothing happened that made my day, let me know something funny about your cats
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• Canada
3 May 08
that's funny! reminds me of one of my own cats. she's constantly running around at top speed-so it's a miracle that she hasn't hit the wall yet. but she comes close-sometimes i cringe when she's running around because i really think she is going to hit the wall, but then it's almost like she climbs up the wall, flips and runs the other way. too funny!