best army combination for death match

May 3, 2008 12:46pm CST
are you the winner every-time? what is your unique unit? i'm playing aoe2 from the last two years. after a long research & applying every type of combination found that "long bow man" is the best unit against any type of enemy units because of power of attack and distance. have you ever tried to destroy a bomber tower using long bow mans? i've tried it several times and discovered that combination of 5 paladins, 20 longbow mans and 3 champions are the best combination to destroy a bomber tower. but if you want minimum army loss then use 22 saracen unique units. basically i'm not using siege weapons.i think without siege weapons you can enjoy your war.also face the challenge of war.siege weapons make 'it easy to win'. so what is your favorite combination?
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