What are the worst games you have played for Wii?

@mode09 (158)
United States
May 3, 2008 5:33pm CST
I am curious what the worst games are for wii, and why you feel they are the worst. I have heard a lot of gamers dissatisfied with the selection of games because gamemakers have made many titles rather childish to keep the Wii as a family friendly unit. I read where one game publisher actually commented that the Wii's biggest audience is Soccer Moms and old people. I have to admit the Wii Play Game that comes with the second remote is pretty much in the same category of many worthless flash games. I would like to hear from others what games are not worth the money?
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• India
1 Jun 08
i'd say far cry for the wii ...lol
@Marcola (2776)
• United States
15 May 08
Well, I own Red Steel. I haven't played much of it, but it's got mixed reviews on gamefaqs.com. It has some issues with the camera control, I've noticed. I also heard that Ninjabread Man is pretty bad, although I haven't played that one yet.